Liaoning ranks second in the scale of wind power

As of now, wind power installed capacity in Liaoning province has reached 2.24 million kilowatts, the scale of ranks second in the country; wind power to become the second largest province, is expected by the end of wind power installed capacity of 3.4 million kilowatts, the ratio will exceed 12% of installed capacity , far higher than the national 3%.
Liaoning’s wind energy resources are only three or four class areas nationwide, and the province’s largest electricity load is far below the eastern coastal developed regions. However, power companies in Liaoning Province to actively improve the assimilative capacity of wind power consumption and promote rapid and healthy development of wind power industry.

Liaoning Electric Power Company General Manager Yan Fulong introduction, Liaoning Province acquisition of power companies in every 1 kWh of wind power purchase of electricity than the average unit price increased a penny under power purchase costs, strict implementation of the full acquisition policy, acquisition of wind power in 2009 Internet power 2.583 billion kwh, the average unit utilization hours to 2027 hours.wind generators, wind turbines, wind turbine generators,wind generators,wind turbines,wind turbines inverter,Wind Turbine Generator,small wind turbines,wind power turbines,Household Wind Turbines,wind power generators,windmills wind turbines,Residential Wind Turbines,wind turbines applications

“Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, electric power companies in Liaoning Province had invested 3.15 billion yuan, to strengthen Liaoning main grid and wind power transmission project construction, meeting the needs of the province sent wind power.


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