Aluminum Casting Alloys in china

Casting often use a variety of metal materials, coke, wood, plastic, gas and liquid fuels, such as modeling materials. Have the necessary equipment used in various metal smelting furnace, a Mixer with the various Mixer, a shape-made batteries used in various molding machine, machine-made batteries, cleaning up the castings used for loading sand, Shot Blasting Machine And so on. Casting is also available for special machinery and equipment, and many transportation and material handling equipment.

Casting and other technology have different characteristics, mainly wide adaptability, needed materials and equipment, pollution of the environment. Casting will have dust and harmful gases and noise pollution to the environment, compared to other machinery manufacturing processes to become more serious, need to take measures to control.

Casting product development requirements of the trend is casting a better overall performance, higher accuracy and less headroom and clean the surface. In addition, the requirements of energy-saving society and restore the natural environment of the call also getting higher and higher. To meet these requirements, the new cast alloy will be developed, the new smelting technology and new equipment will be corresponding.

Casting the mechanized production continuously improve the degree of automation in the same time, to be more flexible production development, to expand the volume and variety of different production adaptability. Conserve energy and raw materials of new technologies will be giving priority to the development, have little or no pollution of the new equipment, new technology will be the first attention. Quality control technology in all stages of testing and nondestructive testing, stress determination, there will be new development.
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